Australian Christian Lobby failed to read the room on Israel Folau NRL campaign | Matt Cleary

The ACL cannot apparently see that most of the public – and sponsors – will not cop so-called religious bigotsThere’s a tenet of journalism which directs journalists to “punch up”. It means hold authority to account, play the role of Fourth Estate, keep bastards honest. Criticising the Australian Christian Lobby for spending an estimated $40,000 on a full-page ad in the Daily Telegraph to plead Israel Folau’s case to play in the National Rugby League feels like punching down. But here it goes, anyway.The ACL is a political player, of sorts, that wants its “truth” (as illustrated by numbered passages in the Bible) and “Christian ethics” (gay people cannot get married, euthanasia is “assisted suicide” because only God can kill people) in the public sphere. And the ACL is prepared to spend its constituents’ coin to convince league-loving readers of the Telegraph that Folau should be allowed to play in the NRL.V’landys is not likely to be bent by such flagrant manoeuvring. It is not his thing Related: Changes for NRL's new 18th man rule approved by ARLC Continue reading...

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