Simon Middleton: ‘I would love the Red Roses to be called the best team across sport’


England Women’s coach has overseen 25 straight wins but admits the real prize is at the Rugby World Cup, which starts next weekThe most successful head coach in world sport right now lives in Pontefract and is not afraid to be different. “I do a lot of things that a lot of other coaches don’t do,” says Simon Middleton, freely admitting he is not the type to pore over self-improvement manuals. “I was sitting with some of the younger players at breakfast the other day talking about the last book we’d read. I said: ‘I think mine was Winnie the Pooh.’Maybe that helps explain why his team, England’s all-conquering Red Roses, have racked up a record-breaking 25 consecutive Test victories. Simplicity alone does not win World Cups but overcomplication can be fatal. Middleton gives an embarrassed chuckle when asked if he has any tips for Jürgen Klopp or Pep Guardiola but any coach would love to bottle what he is currently brewing. Continue reading...