Curwin Bosch opens up on 'poor form', heading overseas

Over the better part of the last decade, Curwin Bosch has been a mainstay at the Sharks, and he has been consistently backed by the Durban-based franchise.

Since making his senior debut in 2016, Bosch has gone on to earn over 100 caps for the Sharks across all competitions, often serving as their first-choice flyhalf.

However, there is no doubt that the talented 26-year-old’s form has fluctuated over the last couple of seasons, and during the latest campaign he was ultimately usurped by breakthrough star Siya Masuku.

Curwin Bosch now exiting the Shark Tank

Recently it was confirmed that Bosch has officially signed a two-year deal with French club Brive, and it now remains to be seen whether a change of environment could help to effectively revive his career.

Speaking on the Behind the Ruck podcast with former Springboks Rudy Paige and Juan de Jongh, he has now shared incredibly honest insight into where things have gone wrong in recent times.

"I haven't been playing my best rugby the last couple seasons but I'm just looking forward to [joining Brive]," he said. "I've just fallen into the trap of over-analysing my own game, over-analysing the opposition, and then you come on a Saturday and you've got all these things in your mind … but the space is the most obvious thing you need to look for.

"I've got a very obsessive personality and once I get into something and start analysing I go into this spiral of over-analysing and all that sort of nonsense. For me, just I dunno, let me go."

"The last three seasons I've played a handful of games at 15 and I think every now and again it's good; at 10 you're in the action all the time," Bosch added. "At 15 you have a bit more space, a bit more time to make decisions and there's no real structure to a 15's play. A ball gets kicked to you and you need to find the space.

"If I probably had a bit more time at 15 these last three seasons it would've freed me up a little bit but in saying that, a couple of years ago when I was playing 15 all I wanted to do was play flyhalf!

"I've learnt a lot about myself these last three years, not to be so hard on myself. I definitely put a lot of pressure on myself and it's probably the reason why [I struggled]; you start tensing up and looking for perfection instead of just progress."

Time on his side

Bosch is still only 26-years-old, and a new challenge is undoubtedly the correct move in order for him to explore whether he can finally reach his full potential.

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