Blue Bulls Daisies Debut at Rugby Tens Championship


The Blue Bulls Daisies will debut at Rugby Tens Championship as they begin preparations in earnest for next year’s SA Rugby Women’s Premier Division. The popular competition will take place over two weeks in October with the first leg being hosted in Pretoria from 7 to 8 October at the Daisies home ground, Loftus Versveld, on Saturday before moving down to the Western Cape, in Stellenbosch, a week later. The Blue Bulls Daisies will be up against four pre-existing teams that participated in Lisbon, Portugal, in 2021 – the San Clemente Rhinos, Cape Town Wild Dogs, Serengeti Elephants and Balkans Honey Badgers. The competition will include a number of high-profile rugby personnel, including members of the New Zealand Women’s Sevens team that claimed silver at the recent Rugby World Cup Sevens which was held in Cape Town, as well as SA Rugby Sevens legends, Cecil Afrika and Frankie Horne, who will be coaching in the tournament. This will be the first time the Blue Bulls Daisies will be participating in the tournament which came into existence last year, attracting rugby stars from across the globe. The side from Pretoria is looking forward to being part of the tournament where they will test themselves against quality international opposition. Blue Bulls Company’s Special Projects Manager, Thando Manana, indicated that the tournament came at an ideal time as the Blue Bulls Daisies intensify their preparations for the upcoming season. “We are really pleased to be involved in such a high-profile and quality competition which will see our ladies taking on some of the most talented players from across the globe,” said Manana. “This will also be an opportunity for us to have a look at some of the players who will be critical for our squad going into the new season. We will be without five of our players who have been called up to the national team, but we will still have a strong side that includes Marlize De Bruin, Nolwazi Nonhlakanipho, and Kirsten Eastes” “Not only will this be good for our players, but it will also be a great opportunity for our coaches as well to be involved in such a competition.” Rugby Tens Championship CEO, Andreea Trufusau said: “We are delighted to have the Blue Bulls join the Rugby Tens Championship in 2022.” “Not only are the Blue Bulls Daisies one of the most recognisable teams in rugby, but to be able to offer their women’s, boys and girls teams an opportunity to compete at a professional level in a collaboration we are honored and proud of” “One of our driving aims at the Rugby Tens Championship is to provide international-level competition for players across the board. This includes creating opportunities for top players from tier two or three rugby nations and creating more competitive professional events for ladies athletes globally” Blue Bulls President and Rugby Tens Championship co-founder Willem Strauss added: “I’m very excited about the prospect of the Blue Bulls competing in the Rugby Tens Championship this October. It is a fantastic opportunity for our athletes, and I know they are extremely excited for the challenge ahead of them” “In addition to that, October will also be an opportunity for us to showcase South Africa, and our home city of Pretoria in the best way possible” Tickets for Friday (7 October) at Harlequins, and Saturday (8 October) at Loftus Versveld is R 50 at the gate.   R10C International Notable Players  Australia National Teams and Professional Clubs: Natalie Wright (Queensland Reds), Kaitlin Shave (Brisbane Broncos), Georgia Hannaway (HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series), Nathan den Hoedt (LA Giltinis, MLR), Sama Malolo Austria National Team: Elena-Riccarda Hennig Canada National Team: Oliver Nott (Toronto Arrows, MLR), Kainoa Lloyd (San Diego Legion, MLR), Brock Gallagher (Loggerheads, PR Sevens), Josh Larsen (New England Free Jacks, MLR) England National Teams and Professional Clubs: Ellen Ramsbottom (Loughborough Lightning, Allianz premier 15s) Fiji National Teams: Adi Vani Buleki (HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series), Reapi Ulunisau (2020 Olympics), Viniana Riwai (HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series), Rusila Nagasau (2016 & 2020 Olympics) France National Teams and Professional Clubs: Luca Mignot (University of Bath, BUCS Super Rugby), Marie Saluzzo (Stade Francais), Kelegh Moutome (HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series), Romeo Ponge Prince (Berre) Ireland National Teams and Professional Clubs: Anne Caplice (2017 RWC), David Busby (Seattle Seawolves, MLR), Patrick O’Toole (NOLA Gold, MLR), John Poland (New England Free Jacks, MLR) Jamaica National Teams: Jack Rampton (2022 RWC7s), Matthew Coore Japan National Teams and Professional Clubs: Chiharu Nakamura (2016 & 2020 Olympic Games, 2018 & 2022 RWC7s) Kenya National Teams: Andrew Amonde (2013 & 2018 RWC7s) Oscar Ouma (2013 RWC7s), Grace Adhiambo (2020 Olympics), Stellah Wafula (2020 Olympics), Judith Okumu (2020 Olympics), Janet Okelo (2016 & 2020 Olympics), Jeff Mukutu Mexico National Team: Isabel Gonzalez Burgos (HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series) Namibia National Team: Wynand Breytenbach Netherlands National Teams and Professional Clubs: Pleuni Kievit (HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series), Jordan Heil (HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series), Timon Vijn (Loggerheads, Premier Rugby Sevens) New Zealand National Teams and Professional Clubs: Rebekah Cordero Tufuga (HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series), Angus Fletcher, Shakira Baker (2014 RWC, 2018 RWC7s, 2016 Olympics), Marcelle Parkes, Rhiarna Ferris, Harmony Ioane, Grace Steinmetz Poland National Team: Anna Klichowska (2022 RWC7s), Natalia Pamieta (2022 RWC7s) South Africa National Teams: Branco du Preez (2013 RWC7s), Marithy Pienaar (2018 RWC7s), Lorinda Brown (HSBC World Cup Sevens Series), Mathrin Simmers (2022 RWC7s), Nomsa Mokwai (HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series), Felicia Jacobs (2022 RWC7s), Kirsten Conrad (HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series), Kirsten Eastes (2022 RWC7s), Ryno Benjamin (2009 & 2013 RWC7s) Sweden National Teams and Professional Clubs: Minonna Nunstedt, Amanda Swartz Trinidad and Tobago National Team: Jonathan Taylor Tunisia: Mariam Mekni Uganda National Team: Ian Munyani USA National Teams and Major League Rugby: Matai Leuta (2018 RWC7s), Cyrille Cama (LA Giltinis, MLR), Elizabeth Tafuna (USA Falcons 7s), Ryan James (LA Giltinis, MLR) Zimbabwe National Team: Hilton Mudariki (Zimbabwe Goshawks), Biselele Tshamala (Zimbabwe Goshawks) The post Blue Bulls Daisies Debut at Rugby Tens Championship appeared first on SA Rugby magazine.