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Southern Kings "Back to history"

- SOUTHERN KINGSUrsprung [Origin]:Klippan, SverigeMedlemmar [Members]:Pär Jansson, Ulrik Jansson, Micke Diskografi [Diskografi]:WACKA WACKA WOOM!!!CD, Skivfabriken 1992 (K.R.U.D.E. CD 1) CASE CLOSEDCD, Skivfabriken 2002 (K.R.U.D.E. CD 6)1. Southern Girls / 2. Sunny Side / 3. Guzzleshop / 4. Rosa Lee / 5. Honky Tonk Man / 6. Be There / 7. Weekend Blues / 8. Not The One / 9. Saviour / 10. Sidewalk Ki...

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It's a new dawn for the Southern Kings

- The Eastern Cape rugby franchise has finally secured a headline sponsor after Isuzu Motors South Africa signed a multi-year agreement with the franchise is also on the cusp of becoming the first black-owned rugby franchise in South Africa.A consortium of five business people have bought shares in the franchise and are just waiting for final approval from SA more news, visit...

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