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Rugby news from Monday 26 June 2017

- The rugby world?s eyes have been understandably transfixed on New Zealand in recent weeks, but other nations also deserve their due. While the collective nations of the British Isles salivated at Seán O?Brien sensational score at Eden Park, heroics were also been orchestrated elsewhere. Georgia have been making a very strong case for inclusion in the 6 Nations thanks to ?

- AmpedSense.OptimizeAdSpot('AP'); AmpedSense.OptimizeAdSpot('IL'); AmpedSense.OptimizeAdSpot('IR');AmpedSense.OptimizeAdSpot('PL'); AmpedSense.OptimizeAdSpot('PC'); AmpedSense.OptimizeAdSpot('PR');AmpedSense.OptimizeAdSpot('1L'); AmpedSense.OptimizeAdSpot('1C'); AmpedSense.OptimizeAdSpot('1R');All Blacks Head Coach Steve Hansen has slated Warren Gatland for his claims of foul play in the first test